Hello all, and thanks for visiting my website,!

I am currently the Sports Director and Account Executive at WDKN radio in Dickson, Tennessee. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in May 2018 with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media and a minor in Hispanic Studies, I was hired at WDKN. 

I primarily call play-by-play in football, basketball, baseball, and softball for the local high schools in Dickson. I also have a show every Wednesday night and Saturday morning, and I meet with clients in the area to find marketing solutions for local businesses on our station. 

My passion for sports started at a young age, initially for soccer. My father is from Italy and my mother is from Brazil, so I was born with a love for the "beautiful game" and it quickly spread to all other sports as I got older. I am lucky enough to stay involved with soccer by calling play-by-play during the summer for the live stream team at Chattanooga FC, a well-known semi-pro club in East Tennessee.

Growing up, I realized playing sports was not exactly going to turn into a career (and that's putting it lightly), so I decided I would talk about them for a living instead. I love calling play-by-play, and know more than ever that it is what I want to be doing for the rest of my career. 

So, welcome to my website! Check out some of the work I have done in my young career, or feel free to contact me anytime.